Environmental Projects

Past and Ongoing
Environmental Projects

A Major
Propane Co. & A Fortune 500 Chemical Company

Recycled and managed a Freon 12 contaminated
propane in rail car lots. The system designed removed the Freon 12 from the
propane. The propane was then resold and the Freon disposed of in a licensed
hazardous waste incinerator. The technology for separation of the products is


Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

Reduced water effluent discharge BOD and
contaminates in order to meet environmental discharge criteria to the natural
environment in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.


San Pedro de Macoris, Dominican Republic

Negotiated the reopening of an international
sugar mill due to failure to comply with environmental laws and for contributing
to a major fish kill in a natural river estuary (Rio Higuamo, Dominican

This involved the implementation of programs dealing with the
reduction of sugar losses into the natural environment as well implement
controls and equipment to prevent any further contamination of the river estuary

Designed systems, implemented controls for the
re-oxygenation of waters, odor control, temperature control and reduction as
well control of cane and mud solids entering the natural environment.

Designed and oversaw construction of new
chemical holding areas, as well as, implemented chemical handling and
neutralization, and reclamation, procedures of chemicals — to international

Continuous and ongoing monitoring and study of
the river estuary, in order to: monitor the impact on the everyday aquatic life,
and the impact of the mill on the natural environment.

Prepared an environmental assessment of the
rivers aquatic life and impact on the marine life by the sugar mill.


River Haina and Bonao Facility in the
Dominican Republic.

An international nickel mining operation had a
“Bunker C” oil spill in a river-estuary (Rio Haina). Supervised the control of
the spill and initial mop up thereafter cleaned up the body of water of all oil
traces. Bio-remediation was used for this process; and afterwards also, cleaned
up old abandoned oil lagoons, and disposal site on the mines property in Bonao,
Dominican Republic.


Santo Domingo Dominican Republic.

Implemented an energy from waste program, to
utilize bunker C byproducts from an in-house electric generating facility. This
project is still under design and intended completion will be in about 6 months.
The system will be slaved into the main operating system and will save Metal Dom
about 10% on heating costs of its billet to rebar manufacturing.

Designed and implemented a mill scale recovery
system from coolant waters.


Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Prepared an environmental audit of the
existing situation in the Rio Nizao river basin. Installed in situ
monitoring equipment to analyze water quality and prepared a report with
supporting documentation, that at this time — no significant impact was
determined in the river basin, and that the associated companies are not
contributing to any damage to the aquifer system or the surrounding environment.



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