Thorium Carbide

Thorium Carbide

Compound Thorium Carbide
Formula ThC
Molecular Formula CTh
Molecular Weight 244.049
CAS RN: 12012-16-7
Properties -40 mesh with 99.5% purity; fcc, a=0.5346 nm; prepared by reacting stoichiometric amounts of Th and C; reactive, e.g. burns in air to form ThO2, there is a ThC2, 12071-31-7 [KIR83] [CIC73] [CER91]
Solubility readily hydrolyzes in H2O evolving methane [KIR83]
Density, g/cm³:
Melting point, °C 2655 [KIR83]
Boiling point, °C



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