Uranium Hexafluoride

Uranium Hexafluoride

Compound Uranium Hexafluoride
Formula UF6
Molecular Formula F6U
Molecular Weight 352.019
CAS RN: 7783-81-5
Properties white volatile; monocl solid; reacts vigorously with H2O, forming mainly UO2F2 and HF; enthalpy of vaporization at 64.01°C 28.899 kJ/mol; enthalpy of fusion 19.19 kJ/mol; enthalpy of sublimation 48.095 kJ/mol; triple point 64.052°C at 151 kPa; can be prepared by direct reaction of uranium metal and fluorine [KIR83] [MER89] [CRC93]
Solubility s liq Cl2 Br2; gives dark red fuming solution with nitrobenzene; s CCl4, CH3Cl [MER89]
Density, g/cm³: solid: 5.09; liq: 3.595 [MER89]
Melting point, °C 64 [KIR91]
Boiling point, °C



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