Uranium Trioxide

Compound Uranium Trioxide
Synonyms Uranium(VI) oxide
Formula UO3
Molecular Formula O3U
Molecular Weight 286.027
CAS RN: 1344-58-7
Properties -100 mesh; has six forms: α is hexagonal brown, β is orange monoclinic, γ is bright yellow rhomb, δ is red cub, ε is brick red tricl, ηis rhomb; UO3 can be obtained by thermal decomposition of uranyl compounds, e.g, carbonates, oxalates nitrates [KIR83] [CER91]
Solubility Insoluble H2O; soluble acids [MER06]
Density, g/cm3: 7,29 g/cm3
Melting point, °C Decomposes
Boiling point, °C Decomposes

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