Uranium Dicarbide

Uranium Dicarbide


Uranium Dicarbide

Formula UC2
Molecular Formula C2U
Molecular Weight 262.051
CAS RN: 12071-33-9
Properties gray tetr cryst; a = 0.35241 nm, c = 0.59962 nm; used in the form of pellets or microspheres to fuel nuclear reactors [HAW93] [CIC73]
Solubility decomposes in H2O; sl s alcohol [HAW93]
Density, g/cm3: 11.28 [HAW93]
Melting point, °C 2350 [HAW93]
Boiling point, °C 4370 [HAW93]
Reactions: transition tetr to cub at 1765 °C [CIC73]



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