IBI Labs is the  leading national and international manufacturer and worldwide distributor of specialty Uranium and Thorium compounds for research, medical products and related industrial production and applications. IBI Labs specializes in the production of Uranyl Acetate, Uranyl Nitrate, Uranium Oxides and other fine specialty Uranium compounds manufactured exclusively from natural or depleted Uranium.  In addition, IBI Labs is the leading provider of Thorium compounds such as Thorium Oxide, Thorium Nitrate and Thorium Fluoride manufactured from natural Th-232.
Beyond the specialty Uranium, Uranyl, and Thorium compounds listed on this web site IBI Labs will also custom produce specialty chemical compounds made from natural or depleted Uranium and Thorium.
IBI Labs also stocks and distributes sheets,  rods, bars, powders, turnings, discs and other custom made Uranium and  Thorium metal items for research or production.
IBI Labs is also a supplier to the Uranium Industry of concentrated nitrate solutions and crystals for down blending of enriched source material.
IBI Labs is proud to announce that it now manufactures Hexachloropropene (CAS# 1888-71-7)  for our research clients, contact our chemical division for more information on how to obtain this new material.
Further, IBI Labs offers sophisticated analysis of Uranium and Thorium and associated products via:
ICP Analysis:
XRF Analysis:
Centrifugal Particle Size analysis:
IBI Labs also offers Consulting Services for  industrial production of Uranium and Thorium compounds, is an acknowledged industry expert at the recovery of Uranium and Thorium compounds and is highly experienced at working with licensed nuclear waste management companies to recover Uranium and Thorium Compounds.  IBI Labs is a fully licensed  facility.

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Uranium Compounds
Ammonium Uranate (VI) (NH4)2U2O7
Uranium U
Uranium Ammonium Fluoride UO2(NH4)3F5
Uranium Borate UB2O6
Uranium Dicarbide UC2
Uranium Diboride UB2
Uranium Dioxide UO2
Uranium Fluoride-Potassium Fluoride KF*UF4
Uranium Hexafluoride UF6
Uranium Molybdate
Uranium Monocarbide UC
Uranium Nitride U2N3
Uranium Oxide U3O8
Uranium Pentabromide UBr5
Uranium Pentachloride UCl5
Uranium Pentafluoride UF5
Uranium Pentoxide U2O5
Uranium Silicate
Uranium(IV) Sulfate Tetrahydrate U(SO4)2·4H2O
Uranium Sulfide, di- US2
Uranium Sulfide, sesqui U2S3
Uranium Tetraboride UB4
Uranium Tetrabromide UBr4
Uranium Tetrachloride UCl4
Uranium Tetrafluoride UF4
Uranium Tetraiodide UI4
Uranium Tribromide UBr3
Uranium Tricarbide U2C3
Uranium Trichloride UCl3
Uranium Trihydrate UH3
Uranium Trinitride U2N3
Uranium Trioxide UO3
Uranium Trifluoride UF3
Uranyl Nitrate 1% Aqueos Solution
Uranyl Compounds
Potassium Uranyl Sulfate K2(UO2)(SO4)2
Potassium Uranyl Fluoride K3UO2F5
Sodium Magnesium Uranyl Acetate
Sodium Uranate Na2U2O7
Uranyl Acetate Dihydrate UO2(CH3COO)2·2H2O
Uranyl Acetylacetonate UO2(CH3COCH=C(O)CH3)2
Uranyl Ammonium Acetate (NH3OH)[UO2(CH3COO)3]
Uranyl Benzoate UO2(C7H5O2)2
Uranyl Carbonate UO2CO3
Uranyl Chloride Anhydrous UO2Cl2
Uranyl Chloride Hydrated UO2Cl2·3H2O
Uranyl Fluoride UO2F2
Uranyl Hydrogen Phosphate Tetrahydrate UO2HPO4·4H2O
Uranyl Hydroxide UO2(OH)2 OR (UO2)2(OH)2
Uranyl Magnesium Acetate MgUO4(CH3COO)2
Uranyl Naphthanate
Uranyl Nickel Acetate C4H6O6UNi*2H2O
Uranyl Nitrate Hexahydrate UO2(NO3)2·6H2O
Uranyl Oxalate Trihydrate UO2C2O4·3H2O
Uranyl Sulfate Monohydrate UO2SO4·H2O
Uranyl Sulfate Trihydrate UO2SO4·3H2O
Uranyl Zinc Acetate ZnUO4(CH3COO)2
Uranyl Zinc Sodium Acetate C10H15Na2O12UZn
Thorium Compounds
Thorium Nitrate Tetrahydrate Th(NO3)4·4H2O
Thorium Chloride ThCl4
Thorium Oxide ThO2
Thorium Oxalate Dihydrate Th(C2O4)2·2H2O
Thorium OxyFluoride ThOF2
Thorium Bismuthide THBi2
Thorium Carbide ThC
Thorium Chloranilate ThC12Cl4O8•3H2O
Thorium Hydride ThH3
Thorium Th
Thorium Dicarbide ThC2
Thorium Hexafluoroacetylacetonate Th(CF3COCHCOCF3)4
Thorium Nitride ThN
Thorium Perchlorate Th(ClO4)4
Thorium Silicide ThSi2
Thorium Compounds
Thorium Pentanedione (CH3COCHCOCH3)4Th
Thorium Iodide ThI4
Thorium Carbonate Th(CO3)2
Thorium Sulfide THS2
Thorium Fluoride ThF4
Thorium Acetylacetonate Th(CH3COCHCOCH3)4
Thorium Oleate
Thorium Acetate Th(C2H4O2)4
Thorium Sulfate Octahydrate Th(SO4)2·8H2O
Thorium Bromide ThBr4
Thorium Hexaboride ThB6
Thorium Hydroxide Th(OH)4
Thorium Orthosilicate ThSiO4
Thorium Selenide ThSe2
Thorium Tetracyanoplatinate(II) Th[Pt(CN)4]2·16H2O

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