Uranium and Thorium Reclamation

IBI Labs supports the recycling and reclamation of the Uranium and Thorium products it produces for the purpose of protecting the environment and to comply with all regional, national, and international agencies that promote economically and environmentally sustainable reclamation and recycling systems. To this end, IBI Labs strives to supply the consumer of its goods with information regarding reuse and recycling of the many types of materials in its products. With many different agencies — public and private — in this pursuit, it becomes evident that a myriad of methods can be used in the process of reclamation and recycling. Therefore, IBI Labs does not suggest one particular method over another, but simply desires to inform its consumers of the range of recyclable materials present in its products, so that the user will have the flexibility in following all local and federal laws.

As a environmentally responsible manufacturer, International Bio-Analytical Industries (IBI Labs) — being the world’s leading manufacturer and distributor of specialty Uranium and Thorium compounds — has taken the responsible lead in managing excess and unwanted inventory. With its 25 years of environmental management expertise, IBI Labs is poised to assist you with your excess products and inventory.

Many times users of Uranium and Thorium compounds require disposal of outdated or unwanted Uranium and Uranium compounds.  This, however, can expose your company or organization to great expense and the requirements of superfund cleanups when your material is buried.

IBI Labs may be able to assist with the disposition of your excess products. Reclamation offers peace of mind, knowing your excess products have been reclaimed and are being reused essentially removing all superfund cleanup liabilities.

Uranyl and Thorium compound’s (Usually labeled Uranyl Acetate, Uranyl Nitrate, Thorium Acetate, and Thorium Nitrate) (Sometimes labeled as Oxidizers) are typically found in the academic environment used for demonstrations, but have also turned up in the industrial setting. Many times, Th-232 and U-238 (Thorium 232 and Uranium 238) have been sitting in storage for many years leading those who discover the chemicals also known as compounds to ask, “What do I do with Uranyl or Thorium Nitrate?” “Are there any companies that can reclaim my Uranyl Acetate and/or Thorium Nitrate?” IBI Labs has been serving customer’s needs for Uranyl Acetate and Nitrate as well as Thorium Nitrate and Acetate manufacturing and reclamation since 2000.

Uranium and Thorium compounds should not be left to sit as they can sometimes oxidize, lids can become loose, and contamination can be present on the outsides of the bottles or contaminate a workspace. Compounds such as Uranium and Thorium should be handled with care and IBI Labs personnel is trained in the proper disposition of U-238 and Th-232 wastes. Let IBI Labs prepare and ship your Uranyl and/or Thorium compounds for reclamation to our licensed radioactive facility.

Common Types of Uranium and Thorium Materials Accepted for Reclamation:

  • Uranyl Nitrate

  • Uranyl Acetate

  • Thorium Acetate

  • Thorium Nitrate

  • Yellow Cake

  • Chemistry Demonstration Kits

  • Oxidizers Such as Nitrates

  • Ore

  • Uranium


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