Blue Platinum Protocol

Dear Alex Besenyo PhD

I am not sure if I told you how happy I am with Pt blue staining – I
wanted to write but sometimes the intention is enough for my brain to tick
off things on my mental list. We tested the sample you sent on 5-6
different specimens and achieved beautiful contrast, for these 5-6 samples
we tested both pt blue and uranyl acetate contrast in parallel and contrast
was only slightly/insignificantly less than with our uranyl acetate
standard protocol. We only used it for staining ultrathin sections, either
hand stained or with a Leica ultrostain automatic stainer. There was one
type of specimen in which the staining did not look as good, but since then
we are routinely using Pt blue and are not bothered with using uranyl
acetate in parallel and have not had any problems – we did not have to
change the way we do microscopy at all except exchanging one substance with

I hope this helps, and thank you

Priv. Doz. Mag. Dr. Gerd Leitinger