Thorium Dicarbide

Thorium Dicarbide


Compound Thorium Dicarbide
Formula ThC2
Molecular Formula C2Th
Molecular Weight 256.060
CAS RN: 12071-31-7
Properties yellow solid; α form: monocl, a=1.0555 nm, b=0.8233 nm, c=0.4201 nm; β form:tetr; γ form: cub, a=0.5808 nm; decomposed by water; forms by heating ThO2 and excess carbon; used as a nuclear fuel [HAW93] [CI73] [KIR83]
Solubility decomposed in H2O, with evolution of ethane [KIR83]
Density, g/cm³: 8.96 (18°C) [HAW93]
Melting point, °C 2630-2680 [HAW93]
Boiling point, °C ~5000 [HAW93]
Reactions: α to β transition at 1427°C, β to γ at 1497°C [CIC73]

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