Thorium Orthosilicate

Compound Thorium Orthosilicate
Synonyms Thorite, thorium(4+) silicate; thoriumsilicate99.9%; Thorium orthosilicate.; Silicic acid thorium(IV) salt; Einecs 238-601-7; Silicic acid (H4sio4), thorium(4+) salt (1:1); thorium(IV) orthosilicate
Formula ThSiO4
Molecular Formula O4SiTh
Molecular Weight 324.122
CAS RN [51184-23-7]
Properties Brown, black to orange tetragonal crystals; zircon structure
Density, g/cm¯³ 6.7 g/cm¯³
Stability Stable under recommended storage conditions
Thermal Expansion Coefficient (25 to 500°C) 2.5 x 10ˉ6/°C [SUB90]

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