Thorium Oxide

Compound Thorium Oxide
Synonyms thoria, thorianate
Formula ThO2
Molecular Formula O2Th
Molecular Weight 264.037
CAS RN: 1314-20-1
Properties white heavy cryst cub powd; or 3-12 mm sintered pieces; hardness 6.5 Mohs; used in ceramics, gas mantles, crucibles, thoriated tungsten filaments and in crucible form for melting hafnium, iridium, iron, manganese, silicon, thorium, titanium, uranium, zirconium; used as an evaporation material and sputtering target of 99.99% and 99.9% purity for highly durable beam splitter [HAW93] [MER89] [KIR83] [CER91]
Solubility i H2O, alkalies [MER89]
Density, g/cm³: 9.86 [STR93]; 10.01 [KIR80]
Melting point, °C ~3050 [KIR91]
Boiling point, °C 4400 [HAW93]
Thermal Conductivity, W/(m·K) 5.1 (500°C), 3.0 (1000°C) [KIR80]
Thermal Expansion Coefficient (volume) 100°C (0.234), 200°C (0.517), 400 °C (1.100), 800°C

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