Compound Thorium
Formula Th
Molecular Formula Th
Molecular Weight 232.0381
CAS RN: 7440-29-1
Properties soft; grayish white, lustrous metal; somewhat ductile; α: fcc up to 1400°C, a=0.5086 mm; β:bcc, a=0.411 nm, stable 1400 to 1750°C; enthalpy of vaporization 564 kJ/mol; enthalpy of fusion 13.81 kJ/mol; electrical resistivity 14 mohmm·cm; Poisson’s ratio 0.27; thermal diffusivity 0.28 cm²/s at 200°C, t½ ²³²Th is 1.41 x 10+¹º years; ionic radious of Th++++ is 0.0972 nm [KIR78] [KIR83] [MER89] [CRC93]
Solubility s acids; i H2O, alkalies [HAW93]
Density, g/cm³: α: 11.724 [KIR91]
Melting point, °C 1750 [KIR91]
Boiling point, °C 3800 [ALD94]
Reactions: phase change from fcc to bcc ~1345°C [KIR83]
Thermal Conductivity, W/(m·K) 54.0 (25°C) [CRC93]
Thermal Expansion Coefficient 11.0 x 10 ˉ6/K [CRC93]

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