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  • International Bio-Analytical Industries (IBI) is the world’s leading manufacturer and distributor of specialty uranium and thorium compounds as well as related products and services.
  • Founded in 2002, IBI specializes in production of Uranyl acetate, Uranyl nitrate, Uranyl tetra fluoride, Uranium oxide, and other fine specialty uranium compounds and reagents manufactured exclusively from depleted Uranium U-238 and Th232
  • IBI’s exceptional product line provides medical and research professionals with diagnostic analysis compounds of unwavering purity and reliability, essential qualities for the effective, accurate performance of critical patient diagnoses and intricate laboratory studies.

Significant IBI milestones since company inception include:

  • 2002: Applied to and received approval from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for licensing and permitting of diagnostic test kits manufacture and distribution.
  • 2003: Applied to and received approval from the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) and the state of Florida for licensing to manufacture and distribute medical and research grade uranium compounds.

In just a few short years following FDA, NRC, and State of Florida approvals, IBI has become the specialty Uranium compounds provider of choice based on its quality products and exceptional customer service. Such attention to detail in every facet of its business has permitted IBI to acquire an elite and growing customer base consisting of national and international medical researchers and distributors as well as national research laboratories.


Resume (CV) of Alex Besenyo

International Bio-Analytical Industries
Boca Raton, Florida
President & General Manager


Established in 2002, IBI specializes in the production of Uranyl acetate, Uranyl nitrate, Uranyl tetra fluoride, Uranyl oxide, and other fine specialty uranium compounds and reagents manufactured
exclusively from depleted Uranium U-238. International Bio-Analytical Industries (IBI) is  the world’s leading manufacturer and distributor of specialty Uranium compounds as well as related products and services. As an environmentally responsible manufacturer, International Bio-Analytical Industries (IBI) — being the world’s leading manufacturer and distributor of specialty Uranium compounds — has taken the responsible lead in managing  excess and unwanted inventory. With its 25 years of environmental management expertise, IBI Labs is poised to assist you with your excess products and inventory.


  • President & General Manager 1991 – 2001
  • Hired to oversee operations for an environmental management consulting firm.
  • Assist clients in improving their environmental compliance, emergency environmental spill remediation, waste management and waste recovery.
  • Design and oversee construction of chemical facilities storage and handling areas.
  • Spearhead chemical handling and neutralization, reclamation and establishment of chemical procedures to international standards.
  • Design and implement systems and controls to re-oxygenate rivers, reduce odor, regulate temperature and prevent waste from entering the natural   environment.
  • Monitor and study river estuary in order to evaluate the impact of client business operations on everyday aquatic life and natural environment. Prepare environmental assessments.
  • Successfully negotiated the reopening of an international sugar mill by implementing controls and equipment to prevent further contamination of river estuary and introducing programs to reduce negative impact on the natural environment.
  • Greatly reduced loss of client’s product (sugar) by identifying and isolating waste points.
  • Dramatically reduced operation costs for client by introducing a recycling program for chemicals.
  • Effectively reduced client’s fuel heating & operating costs 3-4% for billet to rebar manufacturing by implementing an energy from waste reclaim program to utilize bunker C byproducts from an in-house (37 Mega Watts) electric generating facility.
  •  Substantially decreased client’s long-term environmental liability by reclaiming (mill scale) metals that had been sent to landfill by designing and implementing a mill scale recovery system from coolant waters and re-introducing the material back to the arc furnaces.
  • Respond to Oil and Chemical Spills to activate containment, clean up and effective remediation of spill site.


  • President and General Manager  1985 -1991
  • President – St. Catharines, Ontario; Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada; and Boca Raton, Florida, USA
  • Recruited to establish and direct an international environmental and waste management company focusing on Lab Packs, household hazardous wastes, site remediation, solvent recovery, industrial waste disposal and emergency work.
  • Charged with creating, marketing and expanding the Company into an international waste management firm.
  • Achieved multimillion-dollar sales status within the first two years with the company by implementing effective marketing principles, focusing on clients and driving sales force.
  • Developed technology to separate bulk chlorinated and non-chlorinated solvents without the use of energy.
  • Implemented programs to recycle household hazardous waste into salable products.

SYNTATH  1978-1985

  • President and Founder – Toronto, Canada
  • Established business to serve clients with Laboratory Wastes-Lab Packs, Household Hazardous Wastes, and Medical Wastes for disposal.
  • Designed and constructed first treatment and disposal facility for Lab Packs in North America. Conceptualized ideas and transformed them into viable and profitable centers.
  • First company in North America to conceptualize and host household hazardous waste center’s.
  • Sold Company to Tricil-Laidlaw Environmental Services (now Clean Harbors Inc.).
  • Successfully expanded operations across Canada and into the United States by focusing on customers’ needs and providing cost effective solutions.
  • Designed and constructed the largest licensed treatment facility for Lab Packs, Household Hazardous Waste Products, Solvents and Chemical Recycling in Canada servicing Canada and the United States.
  • Successfully implemented the 1979 cleanup of North America’s worst train disaster involving chlorine and propane rail cars in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.
  • Assisted the Canadian Standards Association in writing and implementing standards for handling and disposal of Medical and Pathological wastes.
  • Introduced technology to separate bulk chlorinated and non-chlorinated solvents without the use of energy.
  • Developed methodology for the packaging, segregation and safe transportation of laboratory chemicals that was adopted by the Department of Transportation.
  • Implemented programs for recycling household hazardous waste into salable products.



  • Resourceful, innovative, and proactive senior executive with extensive environmental and waste management background.
  • Proven ability developing and establishing new markets, services and products including sales and marketing integration.
  • Demonstrated experience with all aspects and phases of senior management including accounting, marketing, acquisitions and mergers.
  • Solid track record of creating new sales, increasing existing levels of sales and expanding sales force activites in new geographic areas.
  • Strong chemical background with the ability to find workable solutions to customers problems and to implement effective treatment plans.
  • Proven experience formulating profitable operational solutions to waste stream management.
  • Lecture internationally on hazardous materials spill control including effective clean up.
  • Fluent in English, German, Spanish and French
    • Graduate Studies in VIENNA Austria … Organic and Inorganic Chemistry
    • UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO Canada … Business Administration
  • Private Pilots License




  • Ontario Ministry of the Environment: Hazardous Materials Spill and Emergency Response
  • J.T. Baker Hazardous Chemical Safety School: Hazardous Material Safety School Lambton College of Applied Arts & Technology: Emergency Response
  • Certified by the Ontario Ministry of the Environment: Senior Spill and Emergency Response Coordinator
  • Certified by the Ontario Ministry of the Environment: Course Instructor for spill and emergency response

Awards & Presentations:

  • Chairman of the first Haztech conference in Canada
  • National Solid Waste Association: Lecture on Medical Waste Disposal Conference
  • Pollution Probe: Award for imaginative engineering for designing medical waste disposal solutions
  • Municipality of Niagara: Ecological and Environmental Advisory Committee

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